Thursday, 21 October 2010

Kanheri Caves

Inside the greenary of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali exists a fabulous 2000 year old Buddhist Monarchy; Kanheri Buddhist Caves.

Beauty of Park
Inside SGN Park towards Kanheri Caves

This 2000 years old caves represent the monastic life in ancient India. Kanheri saw continuous occupation from the 1st century BC, until the decline of Buddhism in India in the 9th century AD.
Caves from down the road
The carvings and architecture of Kanheri reflect both the Hinayana as well as Mahayana Buddhism.

It was a large settlement of monks, who devised ingenuous ways of sourcing and harnessing rainwater, to provide for their daily life of study and prayer.

Carved Walls
Water cisterns, stairways chiselled into the hill, prayer halls, dormitories, and the “superior” living quarters of senior monks make Kanheri a fascinating place to visit.

The caves, taken care by the Tourism department of India lies undisturbed, in the green environment of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The park is spread over 9000 hectares, and is home to several species of bird and animal life, including deer, four horned antelope, leopards, macacques, civets, mongoose and langoors.
Monsoon is the best time to visit the place to enjoy the greenary and water cisterns.

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