Thursday, 16 September 2010

Festival is still on...

We went to Powai lake last evening where Lord Ganesha was given a send-off on the fifth day. On the way we saw a lot of people caarrying their Ganapati and dancing. The place was heavily crowded. On reaching the spot they performed the aarti and finally handed over the idol to the trained people there for immersion.

 immersion spot

Individuals could not perform immersion as there were specially appointed help guards wearing Yellow t-shirts helping people in the process. They were carrying the idols on two specially buit boats into the deeper side of the lake and did the immersion while carrying the smaller idols in their hands swimming into the water.

It was a nice watchable sight for me as i never saw this before. Every one one was so delighted and it was so sweet of them to allow me the chance of taking few pictures of the lord during Aarti. I would love to go for the final day immersion to see much fun and fair.


Children with their Ganapati

Street vendors were selling some toys and decorative items there and ofcourse i also checked in few items.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


We were out for some fun last weekend. We went to see several Ganesh Puja and lastly stopped to shop @ e-zone. I got a new cell phone as Ganesh Chaturthi gift from my Husband. And while returning I saw a small notice on a board by "SURITI- The culture shop" to draw pictures of Ganesha and win prize.

I went to try my hands in paints after a long time and my friends join in. Though i thought it'll be easy to draw a nice one on the paper, it became quite a task which we all enjoyed.

So I'm sharing our paintings here.

First I made this one in a single stroke.

Then Kanya made this.

Now, it actually was very nice till the eyes were added.

And after that I decided to draw with sketch and the result was...

I messed up. As you can see the left half of Ganesh ji is....

Should i win a prize...?
No ways

(but i want to).

Monday, 13 September 2010

Ganapati Bappa Moreya !!!

I was looking forward to enjoy this Ganesh Chturthi in Mumbai which i have heard a lot. Though our society is not having a common Puja for this occasion, many houses in our building have kept puja and they are doing so for many years.

Ganesh Puja
Ganapati @ my friend's place

This is my first Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai and these are among few idols which i got to see. The last one was at our friends place and we visited her yesterday for Aarti. With the famous track by Lata Mangeshkar, they performed the Aarti and we all took the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The lord will be at their house for 5 to 7 days and we all have decided to join the immersion.

My neighbour also keep a Ganapati at her house for a day and half. She is doing it for last sixteen years and yesterday they went for the immersion which we could not join sadly. But we went few places to see the Elephant God. The roads were crowded and people were dancing, enjoying with the beat of Drums and playing with colors. It was loads of fun.

Ganapati Bappa Moreya !!!