Tuesday, 14 September 2010


We were out for some fun last weekend. We went to see several Ganesh Puja and lastly stopped to shop @ e-zone. I got a new cell phone as Ganesh Chaturthi gift from my Husband. And while returning I saw a small notice on a board by "SURITI- The culture shop" to draw pictures of Ganesha and win prize.

I went to try my hands in paints after a long time and my friends join in. Though i thought it'll be easy to draw a nice one on the paper, it became quite a task which we all enjoyed.

So I'm sharing our paintings here.

First I made this one in a single stroke.

Then Kanya made this.

Now, it actually was very nice till the eyes were added.

And after that I decided to draw with sketch and the result was...

I messed up. As you can see the left half of Ganesh ji is....

Should i win a prize...?
No ways

(but i want to).

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